The path

How training is carried out

The path / 01

18 lessons created using micro-learning

You will receive new content every week and you can watch or listen to it on your smartphone or computer. We try to save you time, so the course is created using micro-learning, an approach that organizes lessons into sessions ranging from 10 to 15 minutes.

The path / 02

10 weeks of study

Every week, you will have access to content that, in a concise and accessible manner, will allow you to renew the way you understand children and young people and will help you manage difficult, complex situations.
You will receive the content directly on your e-mail or on the Kajabi application, which we recommend you download.
The path / 03

8 exercises and practical drilldowns

The course contains exercises and practical drilldowns to help you best apply what has been learned. In addition, we asked our teachers to share their experiences through in-depth pills.